Data quality

Improve the quality of your data

Improving data quality is a key lever to increase efficiency of your business processes and introduce new business opportunities

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Streamline procurement

Understanding your procurement process will make you become more effective by saving time and costs

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Supply chain

Supply chain optimization

Understanding your supply chain is fundamental for improving and optimizing business processes to meet rapidly changing customer and company demands

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Manage business risk

Managing segregation of duties, security settings and administrator accounts are key levers to improve governance and reduce risks

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Eliminate complexity

Monitoring tax compliance will enable your company to establish a solid tax process and decrease errors

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Go Live Monitor

Measure business uptime

Transparency during the most critical period of your ERP change or implementation is an absolute key to a succesfull and timely transition

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Analytical apps

We deliver analytical focused applications that address business challenges.

Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of people and organizations by providing analytical services that provide unique insights and support business change.

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Each solution comes with content modules based on KPMG expertise and experience. For many clients this content provides value from day one and serves as a framework for customization. This intelligence library is continuously expaned and enhanced.

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Business change

In order to create value out of data organizations must be able to transform into actions and change the business. By providing tools to drive and facilitate this change we help you realize tangible and measureable benefits for your organization.

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The robustness of our analytics and scale of our platform allow solutions to be deployed rapidly. Whether it's on premise or in the cloud - we can get you up and running in days. By dynamically scaling your solutions in both depth and breadth we align delivery to demand.

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